CityWest: Prince Rupert's Telecommunications Provider
CityWest Internet Web Mail

CityWest web based email is a handy way to get your email while you are away from home or on the road. This web mail program is a full featured mail agent with many features to make it easy to use and is pleasing to the eye.

When you first enter the program you are asked to login with your UserID and Password. The UserID is your username used on our mail server. Your email address is in the format: and all you need to enter is the username portion of the address and then your password.

Next, if this is your first time using the OpenWebmail program you will be asked to choose your preferences. This is where you can edit your display name, the look and feel of the interface, setup a signature file that will be appended to each message you send through email or setup the vacation program that notifies other people that you are away and will reply to their email upon your return.

After you have saved your preferences the program will automatically check your mailbox for new messages. It will then by default display them by date with the newest at the top. The messages are displayed showing the date, who the message is from and the subject. By clicking on the subject of the message the message will display. From there you can delete it, reply to it or just save it for later.

Important Note
     If when you first try and login to OpenWebmail and you receive an error about not being able to open a directory please phone 250-624-2111 so we may setup your account to be properly accessable using OpenWebmail.

Click on Openwebmail Icon below to enter Webmail.